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When you try to cook something from an european recipe
you will assert that there exist different units between europe
and the anglo-american countries. Than it is practically to work with
a conversion table. Maybe each user has his own conversion table; when not,
here is a assistance. Input in the follow window for example "conversion table" and you will find a selection of translators. Choose your personally preferred conversation table.



Still before a few of generations, in the german-speaking countries of europe it was usually to write in the old "Fraktalschrift". Here an excerpt from an old collection of formulae, to translate or let you to identificate the old german letters:






  Measure; Volume  

In many cooking recipes there are quantity specifications in unse, how they are usual for the kitchen range. In physical conversion tables, however - we would not find them in such a way. Therefor here a few of informations in addition.

1 Prise
As much as you can get, if you use your thumb and forefinger, and take out - for example, - some salt from a container.
1 Prise
~    1 g
~ 0,035 oz
1 TL =
1 Teelöffel =
1 Teaspoon
~    5 ml
~    5 g
~ 0,18 oz
1 EL =
1 Eßlöffel =
1 Tablespoon
~  10 ml
~  10 g
~   0,35 oz
1 Ounces
1 oz
28,35 Gramm
28,35 g
1 Pound
1 lb
0,454 Kilogramm
0,454 kg
1 US Quarts
1 US qt
0,946 Liter
0,946 l


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