Meat Fondue
To serve fondue, a party meal, you will need a fondue set consisting
of a fondue pot, fondue forks, a set of plates and bowls.  Whereas liquid fuel
has been used in the past, gelled fuel paste is a better and safer choice.
Place the fondue burner and pot in the centre of the table. Put single meat pieces on the long-handled fondue forks and cook in the hot oil until light brown.  Dip into one of the sauces and enjoy.












Fondue set with pot, forks, burner and gelled fuel paste

Translated by Rose Vetter

500 g
filet of beef
500 g
filet of pork
1 kg
filet of turkey
head lettuce for garnish
500 g
cheese (Emmentaler)
gherkins, dill pickles
olives, scallions
artichokes, capers, peperoni
Assortment of sauces
aioli, dill- and chili sauce
salat de boeuf
(see recipe index)
bread (baguette)
salt and pepper





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