Bean soup
1 kg/36 oz
white beans


Peel the garlic, than chop finally dill and garlic. Add some oil in a pot, heat it, let the dill and garlich slowly steam. Add flour and paprika and stir it with the oil to a mash. Then add some water (250 ml) let boil it up, constantly agitate thereby to prevent scorch. Now add beans and ham, fill up with water (or 1 l meat-stock). Let the bean soup 30 minutes gently cook. Than give the sausage into the soup an let it slowly cook again over 20 minutes. Taste in the end with pepper and salt and serve it with sour cream. In addition you can hand freshly baked langos and sourly inserted cucumbers. The recipe for "how to bake langos" you also can find under this recipes index.

Tip: Add salt only in the end, - if it´s necessarily; the salt content of ham and sausage you have to consider.

If dry beans are used instead of dose beans, the beans should soak 12 hours in water. Also the beans will only be salted after the preparation, otherwise there need much longer time over to become done.


clove of garlic
2 EL
2 EL
1 EL
paprika - spice
2 Paar
smoked sausage
1 Stück
smoked ham
250 g/ 9 oz
sour cream
lemon juice
pepper and salt
see also the conversion table
in the last position of this

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