Sour Beuschel

This is a recipe for gourmets.


Wash the inwards with cold water. Fill 1 l water into a large pot. Add heart, tongue and spices (laurel, some drops lemon, some pepper grains, and salt) into the pot and let it cook 20 minutes. Afterwards add lung and liver into the pot and continue further 20 minutes with cooking. Take everything out and let it cool down. After then cut everything in finger-thik stripes.

Put oil in a big pan, chop the onions and let it braise. Sprinkle with flour and paprika-spice and stir it to a light brown roux. Now add step by step from the cooking water and mix it continous to a nice cream. Add the in stripes cutted inwards and taste it - or finish it up with some sugar, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Let it only short boil up and serve it then with sour cream and salt potatoes.

The so prepared inwards are realy fancy food.


1,5 kg
heart, lung, tongue
and pork-liver
4 EL
1 TL
paprika spice
laurel leaves
250 g
sour cream
  pepper and salt


Sour beuschel - a recipe for gourmets

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