Salt Pickles

Salt pickles can be made very easily. 
All you need is a large jar or crock, the ingredients and a warm and sunny spot.



The cucumbers should be medium sized, fresh and firm.  Wash and trim off the stems.  Peel the horseradish and cut into sticks.  Pierce the cucumbers with a knife or fork.  Wash a 5 liter jar/crock with hot water.  Boil 3 liters water and let cool a bit, then add the salt.  Put the cucumbers into the jar, add the spices and then cover well with the horseradish leaves.  Pour in the 80º hot brine to cover well.
Put in a warm, sunny spot.  With ideal conditions in the summer (25º-30º), the pickles will be ready in 3 days.  The brine starts to ferment, forming carbonic and lactic acids.  The tannin in the leaves prevents the pickles from getting soft.  The combination of spices is optional.
This method can be used for various garden vegetables.  Put the container in a cool place after a week.  The suspended particles will settle to the bottom and the cloudy brine will become clear.

Translated by Rose Vetter


3 kg
pickling cucumbers
fresh horseradish
dill stalks, bay leaves
1 tbsp.
pepper corns
1 tbsp.
mustard seed
a few
horseradish leaves
3 Liter
boiled salt water (3%)
100 g



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