Potato Soup
Potato soup should be familiar to any experienced cook.  Perhaps this is the reason there are so many variations.  Here is one of them...



Cut potatoes and meat into cubes.  Heat butter or oil in a large pot and brown the meat.  Dust with 1 tbsp. flour and ½ tsp. paprika.  Add 1½ l cold water, potatoes, bay leaves, lovage, salt and pepper.  Cook 45 minutes.  Before serving stir in the cream/sour cream and a handful of chopped parsley or chervil.

Mix mealy and firm-cooking potatoes.  Cut mealy potatoes into small cubes; they fall apart during cooking and give the soup a creamy consistency.  Or you may stir 1 tbsp. instant potato flakes into 250 ml of the soup, add it to the rest of the soup toward the end of cooking and gently bring to a boil.

Remove the skin from the fresh bratwurst, shape into small balls and boil in the soup a few minutes.  They have a milder taste than smoked bratwurst. Fresh lovage leaves (also called Maggikraut - they taste like Maggi seasoning) are an excellent addition to the soup.  They may be cooked with the soup or added before serving with the parsley.

Translated by Rose Vetter


750 g
500 g
beef brisket
2 fresh
bratwurst sausages
1 tbsp
½ tbsp
250 g
cream or sour cream
150 g
butter or oil
bay leaves
1 bunch
parsley or chervil
1 bunch
salt and pepper






Potato Soup - ready to serve

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