Simply roux soup

Like the name it already says - it is a simple soup
on the base of a roux and supplemented with cubes of roasted bread.
In former times a popular and economical warm eat.


Hea up in  a big pot the goose fat and add the flour. Stir-fry till you get a nice brown roux. Mix into the roux some caraway, pepper and salt. Than fill up slowly under continious stir with 1 l water. Let it boil up. Cut the bread into small cubes. and roast them in a pan. When you serve the soup, put some breadcrumbs in the middle and decorate with parsely-sheets.

See also the conversion table, in the last index-position.


2 EL
goose fat
4 EL
1 TL
pepper and salt
some old baken bread

One of the simplest soups is allready done

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