Egg salad

You may use this egg-salad aswell as tapas or as part of a mixed cold plate.
The egg salad, made from hard cooked eggs in the tasty sauce is allways an attraction.


Bring in a pot some water to boil, add 6 eggs and let them cook about 15-20 minutes, take out and let them cool down. After that peel the eggs and cut into 4 parts (quarter).

Prepare the sauce:
All used components/ingredients shell have the same room temperature. Put all ingredients and spices - without oil and joghurt - into a mix cup. Now work with your handmixer on a high stage. Add slowly - first only drop by drop - the oil into the mix cup. Than step up to a thin jet. After few minutes, when the oil is spent, the mass becomes brighter and firmer, the mayonnaise is finished. Taste it, add some drops lemon juice and mix with an teaspoon the yogurt into the creamy mass.

Alternative to decorate and serv:
Take a large round plate, put outside a wreath/ring from chicory blades. In the center arrange lettuce or field salad, with peas, paprikastrips, radishes and small onion rings. Whereupon you put the quartered eggs and pour over them afterwards with the well cooled eggsauce.

fresh eggs
100 ml
oil (sunflowers-oil)
1 TL
125 g
je ½ TL
curry und curcuma
½ TL
cayenne pepper
1 TL
pepper and salt

Eggsalad even symply dacorated with basil
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