Ciorba de perisoare

"Ciorba" is the romanian name for an special easily sour soup.
Subsequent you will find the recipe, of a variant of this traditional vegetable soup.
Acidified is this soup, with the original romanian "bors". The prescription to produce
an natural, original "bors", you will find likewise in this index.

for the stock

Peel carrots, sellerie and parsley-roots. After that cut all into small cubes. Peel also the onion and chop it finerly. Cut the herb in fine strips.

Prepare the soup:
Put a little oil in a large pot and heat it up. Add the half of the chopped onion, mix it slowly and let it braise glassy. Add the rest of legumes and stir-fry some minutes. Then fill it up with 1,5 l water, add pepper and salt and let it boil over 20 minutes: In the meantime prepare the meatballs.

Prepare meatballs:
Put the ground beef into a big dish. Add the egg and the second part of the chopped onion. Add even salt, pepper, rice and fine cutted parsley-sheets. Now mix and knead everything well. Form with wet hands little balls and put them careful into the easily cooking soup. Form step by step approx. 40 Meatballs. Now let the soup once more cook; cook just on medium heat, for about 20 minutes (not to destroy the meatballs).

Alloy and taste the soup:
Get a cup of sour cream with a egg yolk and mix it well. Stir it into the soup. Lemon juice, or better "bors" will finish the ciorba. Bors is the original form of natural acidifying source of a ciorba. Bors can be manufactured easily. Look for "bors" in this index.


spring onions
parsely roots
laurel leaves
150 g/ 5 oz
peas or some green beans
150 g/5 oz
raw herb
pepper and salt
  for the meatballs
500 g/ 1 lb
  ground beef
  soupspoon rice
  soup alloyage
250 g/ 9 oz
  sour cream
100 g/ 3,5 oz
  parsley sheets
see also the conversion table
in this index

On the left; meatballs made with breadcrumb and parsley.
On the right; meatballs produced with rice.

The allready served "ciorba with meatballs "
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