Bratwurst / frying sausage

The prescription refers to a quantity of 10 kg pork meat.
That results 20 pair of banater-sausage. Other quantitative proportions can be derived linear.



Use only completely blow addeds. Freshly slaughtered meat is the best. Also the spices open only before you use it.

Turn the meat trough a meat gringer (meat chopper). Peel garlic chop it finely. Mix the spices with 200 ml lukewarm water to a paste blend. Knead and mix all ingredients till there developes to an konsistent mass. Wash the naturall intestines inside and outside well with warm water. Than fill the meatmass into the intestin syringe closely and as bubble-freely as possiblel.  All necessities added receive by your butcher.

Who likes it mildly, can use up to salt - somewhat fewer spices. My grandfather chopped garlic in the evening and over night he let it stand into 200 ml water. Only this garlic water - without garlic, he added to the sausage. Than you get a sausage moderate and also for someone who don´t like so much garlic.

Fresh Bratwurst in plentifully lard; roast it therein and let it than slowly cool down (pict. 2).

After the fresh sausage is dried over night, - hang it in smoke, made from beech wood chips.
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The smoked sausage can hang thereafter 4 weeks in the cellar. The meat lose however some liquid and the sausage drains slowly and becomes hard. The sausage in the Banat was longer durable. One reason may be the pig race, otherside evenly the dispensed fodder. The battle weight of the pigs lay in the Banat pretty often with 200 kg and over it. The meat and the bacon were by other consistency and probably therefore also the sausage was longer durable.


10 kg
pork meat
200 g
50 g
100 g
paprika powder
100 g
1 Päckchen
nature intestin
1 EL
see also the conversion table
in the last position of the

Freshly manufactured "Bratwurst" / frying sausage
In fresh lard roasted; only slowly the sausage cools down therein.
A lard-bread with such a paprika-garlic-lard, is from gourmets highly estimated.
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