Boeuf Stroganoff

Boeuf Stroganoff is designated after a russian earl "Stroganow".
Several anecdotes exist in connection with the name of this meal, which since the
beginn of the 20. century is described in old recipe collections . Boeuf Stroganoff is often part of content in menu offerts of the international catering trade.

800 g
beef tenderloin
Cut the tenderloin in finger-thick strips. Peel onions and chop them finely. Cut also the pickled cucumbers into thin strips. Cut the champignons in disks. Cook a cattle stock - or use a ready stock cube.

Heat intense some oil in a pan. Fry portion by portion the meat-strips only 1-2 minutes (just to get colour). The meat should be inside still a little bloodily or easily pink; it pulls through afterwards slowly and remains so much tender. The meat-strips will be peppered and saltet only after there are fryed. Take the meat-strips byside and cover with aluminum foil. Put the onions into the pan, let them become briefly glassy. Now add mushrooms and in addition mix the cucumbers at last and stir-fry. Fill slowly up with the stock an let it cook for a few minutes.  Add sour cream with mustard and mix it to a cream. Add now at last the meat-strips into the cream and taste it; complete with some drops of lemon juice, some pepper and salt.

As side order; you may serve rice with something butter or as alternative you could serve also some cooked and in butter swayed salt potatoes.

250 ml
cattle stock
150 g
150 g
pickled cucumber
200 g
2 TL
250 g
sour cream
100 ml
vegetable oil
lemon juice
pepper and salt

Prepare and sautee the tenderloin-strips


Boeuf Stroganoff allready to serve



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