Aprikosenknödel with Schupfnudeln

Apricot-dumplings with potato-noodles, in butter roasted breadcrumbs with sugar...
A traditional speciality with originally roots from Austria, also in the Banat since eternal times estimated


Cook the potatoes in salt-water in a big pot; infer the potatos from the hot water after 30 minutes and let them cool down over night. Next morning peel it and push them through a potato press, into a dish. Add a prize salt, the 2 eggs, the cornstarch and the flour. Knead it to a paste. When your paste is too sticky, add gradually some flour. Make from a whale-nut-large of paste a role form; form them to "schupf-noodles" and collect them on a plate dusted with flour.

Heat in a big pan butter-oil up and roast the breadcrumbs therein till there are gold-yellow.

Bring salted water into a large pot to boil. Add the schupf-noodles in the simmering water, approx. 5 minutes (until all are swim above). Infer with a scoop the noodles, put them into a dish. Add the roasted breadcrumbs and mix it careful with your hands.

From the same paste, and in the same procedure also the apricot-dumplings or (Marillenknödell in Austria) will be prepared. Naturally you can take also plums in place of the apricots. Then there are even "Zwetschgenknödel" plum-dumplings.


1 kg/ 36 oz
400 g/14 oz
1 tbsp
cornflour; cornstarch
150 g/5 oz
150 g/5 oz
resolidified butter
1 hint
see also the conversion table
in the last position of this

At last cover the warm dumplings and noodles with sugar and you can serv it

apricot dumplings
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