Apple Pancakes

“Apple Panckes” is the name for one since many decades
well-known sweet food. Apple disks, baked in a particularly prepared paste.


At first peel the apples, cut out the aplle seed, than cut it into finger-thick rings.

Paste prepare

Mix the flour with the liquid (ideal is milk and mineral water in equal parts), the eggs, salt and sugar in a dish; mix it, so that a high-viscosity paste develops. Heat some butter-oil (resolidified butter) or even oil up in a large pan. Pull the apples trought the paste, so that they are enclosed by the paste completely. Now from both sides bake it gold-yellow. After this, cover with powdered sugar and cinnamon. And now, serve it even good warm.


large apples
200 g/7 oz
200 ml/7 oz
milk and water 1:1
1 EL
1 Prise
150 g/5 oz
resolidified butter
powdered sugar, cinnamon

see also the conversion table
in this index


A pleasant surprise on cold winter days

apfel im schlafrock

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